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How to Post an Event

Events that are sponsored or hosted by a campus unit, department, or student organization may be posted by a member of the sponsoring group. Events may be limited to only one audience group (i.e. students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, etc.), but should generally be university- or faculty-wide in scope.

Events may be for internal or external audiences (or both). If your event is open to the external community, you may want to note that it is “open to the public.”

The administrator for the requested calendar category will determine if your event request meets the above guidelines. The calendar administrator also reserves the right to determine if your event request is appropriate for the category.

Guidelines for Posting an Event

Select the category that is the most appropriate for your event. If you are unsure where your event belongs, select the “All Categories” checkbox when using the form below.

Event postings must include the:

  • Title of event.
  • Event description.
  • Date of event or date range for multi-day events.
  • Start and end times.
  • Location.*
  • Event host (e.g. sponsoring department or organization).
  • Contact name, email, and phone number.

Images must be no larger than 280 x 280 pixels. For help with image uploads, please contact

Please note that adding an event to the university calendar does not book the room/space. Events should be added to the calendar only after the proper approvals have been obtained and the space has been booked through the Booking Office (Waterloo) or Service Laurier (Brantford).

*If event occurs off-campus or if event location is not listed as an available option, please use the custom field at the bottom of the form.

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